Basic Medical Care & Social Services

We provide comprehensive health services to help the homeless and the low-income families and individuals manage their health. We help people gain access to quality affordable medical care and offer ongoing preventative care, pediatric and adult primary care, pharmaceutical services, mental health and HIV and STD screening services. We also offer individual/group counseling programs for addiction and recovery programs, anger management, DWI/DUI, and abusive relationship treatment programs for our clients to establish healthy boundaries. The basic medical care program is intended to break barriers to health and health care by creating awareness to people without/with less knowledge because the value and cost of ignorance is higher than knowledge. We provide these services in the shelter and off the shelter for the benefit of low-income communities and creation of continuum of care that enables individuals to get high level of care and improve their health. Tamisima Foundation, Inc. incorporates some Case Managers that will coordinate the homeless individuals and families to insurance service providers.

Our organization helps with financial assistance on mortgage payments so as to prevent foreclosure. This program is intended to help individuals and families who are facing emergency crisis so that they will not end up homeless. Under this program again we also assist tenants that are facing difficulties with rent settlements. We create employment through our income generating projects so as to help families and individuals have stable jobs and those coming from prisons to be establish themselves.