Health and Wellness Programs

We provide Shelter(s), Housing Capability, Safe Havens, Senior Housing & Nursing Homes and Low-Medium Housing.


Tamisima Foundation, Inc. provides an all-inclusive short and long-term shelter for the homeless and people in need. We cater for individuals (LGBTQ, People living with disabilities, those released from prison, single men and single women all will be welcome), families and children. We give homeless people support by offering a wide range of comprehensive programs that empower and leads to rebuilding lives. We will not only focus on housing the homeless but instead we provide programs that promotes stability and self-sufficiency for them to obtain permanent housing and independence. The following programs are offered in the shelter (Education Services, Basic Medical/Social Services, Food and Clothing Services, Reentry Programs, Elderly Services, Storage/Warehousing,) and they are also open to people in need in the community.

Senior Housing & Nursing Homes 

For our senior citizens to get substantial care, we offer nursing home services to the elderly who do not have access to quality home care. We assist with the activities of the daily living, which includes bathing, dressing, eating, drinking and other medical errands as these tasks become more difficult with old age. Our Senior Housing is suitable for the needs of the aging population. It ranges from independent living to 24 hour care, which will bring a sense of safety, accessibility, adaptability and longevity that the elderly needs.

Housing Capability 

As an organization we developed a housing program that will benefit low to moderate income families so that they will have affordable accommodation. Through this program, we have services that best help and assist all depending on their needs; 

Permanent Supportive Housing:
Tamisima Foundation, Inc., provides permanent housing and supportive services to individuals and families (and people living with disabilities), prioritizing those who are chronically homeless. The program is designed to integrate vulnerable population by addressing their basic needs for housing and providing ongoing support Using a housing first approach, program participants are provided with rapid access to permanent housing with minimal preconditions. Good credit or rental history are not required to receive housing. Tenants can remain in their homes as long as the basic requirements of tenancy are met—paying the rent (as applicable), not interfering with other tenants, not causing property damage, etc. This ensures participants have a private and secure place to make their home just like other members of the community, and provides them with a stable foundation from which they can pursue their goals.

Rapid Re-Housing:

Through this intervention designed to move people prone to homeless and homeless individuals and families into permanent housing as quickly as possible. With this program, we focus on eliminating barriers to moving individuals and families quickly into permanent housing by providing housing location services and financial assistance for housing related expenses (e.g. rent arrears, ongoing rental assistance, moving costs). Rapid Re-housing services are designed with a housing first approach to get individuals and families in permanent housing and keep them stable once they are there. This is a critical strategy for ending homelessness for households with children due to the shortage of affordable housing. It is also a high priority for single adults who assess as self-sufficient and can address affordability through a combination of shared housing and increasing income. 

Transitional Housing

Through this program, it’s where all program participants have signed a lease or occupancy agreement, the purpose of which is to facilitate the movement of homeless individuals and families into permanent housing within 24 months or such longer period. The program participant must have a lease or occupancy agreement for a term of at least one month that ends in 24 months and cannot be extended. 

Tamisima Foundation, Inc. understands that there are families and individuals who need more assistance than rapid re-housing offers but who do not qualify for permanent supportive housing. Transitional housing will be reserved for those populations that most need that type of intervention – programs that serve domestic violence survivors and youth and those that provide substance abuse treatment come to mind first – rather than being used either as a holding pattern for those that really need permanent supportive housing or those that need less intensive interventions.