Educational Programs

Tamisima Foundation, Inc. provides Group Day Care Center, After School, Youth Development, Career Advancement and People Living With Disability Programs to individuals in utmost need. These programs will be for the support of continuous learning so as to achieve innovation and to obtain knowledge, ideas and skills by giving these individuals opportunity to become productive members of the community. All programs will be fulltime and all year round.

Group Daycare Center

This program is offered to infants and babies from the age of 3 months to 6 years old. This program is structured to improve school readiness, promote language, literacy, social and emotional development, provide nutritious meals and to provide a safe, structured environment for children whilst their parents are at work or school. In this program we mainly consider families experiencing difficulties, homelessness, children living with disabilities, children in foster care and families receiving any form of public assistance. We meet and offer child care that is flexible in terms of time. 


After School Program

The after school program caters for grades K-12 during school year, summer and school holiday. The program provides STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), homework help, tutoring for each student’s weak subject area, mentoring, arts, sports and recreation, summer camps and basic computer skills. The after school program is designed to promote high school graduation, boost academic performance and to attract children to more prolific activities that are helpful to their overall growth and development and also to provide a safe, structured environment for children. 


Youth Development Program

Our youth development program caters for youths and adolescents, this program offer programs for young people to grow to their full potential and be confident and self-sufficient so as to enhance individual development. We offer tutoring, counseling services, college preparation, mentorship, summer camps, arts, sports and recreation and work readiness programs so as to generate real community change. This program will also hinder adolescents from engaging in health compromising behaviors and boost their capacity in competency.


People Living With Disability Programs

Tamisima Foundation, Inc. intends to empower, encourage and invest in personal growth and independence of individuals living with disabilities. We help individuals living with disabilities get adequate care they need, for them to reach their full potential through our all-inclusive resources. Tamisima Foundation, Inc. offers accommodation through our group home facilities and flexible door-to-door transportation services for independent access to the community and also provide licensed caregivers to individuals with multiple clinical needs. Job skills, vocational training opportunities and assistance with career development is provided for people living with disabilities to become employed and achieve independence. Tamisima Foundation, Inc. also provides homework help, mentoring, tutoring, basic computer skills, summer camps, arts, sports and recreational activities to adults and children living with disabilities.


Career Advancement Program

The Career Advancement program gives individuals a chance to meaningful careers and career goals. In this area we have Job Placement, ESL and GED prep program for individuals that do not have their high school diploma. Everyone in this program will have access to Financial Fitness Classes, Counseling Programs, Budget Classes, Sexual Harassment Classes, Life Skills Classes, Parenting, Job Performance Improvement Classes, Conducting Researches, Continuing Education, Participation In Professional Organizations and Mentorship Programs. These programs intend to help individuals establish stability and help them have employment opportunities.