Elderly Services

Our elderly services promotes a sense of community and improves the quality of life of older adults. This program serves men and women 56 and older. To ensure that our senior citizens have access to quality palliative care, we offer medical screening, social and physical in group activities (adult daycare) and senior housing and nursing home services so as to reduce isolation and to enhance their lives.

Medical Screening

As a foundation we focus on primary preventative care for individuals to live longer and lead a healthy lifestyle. We do so by providing free periodic medical screening for our senior citizens for Vital signs, Blood Sugar, Cancer, Urine test, Eye test, Dental, Cholesterol, Heart diseases, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and Alzheimer’s.

Social and Physical in group activities (Adult Day Care and Overnight)

Social Activities includes recreational activities such as going out, watching TV, listening to music, debates, discussions and playing games.

Physical Activities includes dancing, aerobics, simple movements like sitting, changing positions and the use of hands. Sensory skills and cognitive are also part of the activities to help develop memory, language, attention, reasoning, planning and to maintain their senses of vision, smell, hearing, taste and touch.