Tamisima Foundation, Int'l. Donated to Chinyika Clinic Goromonzi to support COVID-19 protection.

  • 5 bags cement
  • 16 litre snap sack 
  • 20 litre tap bucket
  • foot pedal bin
  • latex gloves
  • Masks
  • Alse sanitizer 

Staff Capacity Building: Tamisima has managed to train their staff on basic poultry workshop.
A mother abandoned 3 kids suffering from hernia in Domboshava Village, Goromonzi Zimbabwe.
Tamisima Foundation, Int'l. Food and Clothing Department has been providing aid. 
Anesu and Anenyasha Magundo have received some nutritious food and  necessities to help them get better and live a normal life.

Tamisima Foundation, Int'l. On world AIDS Day in Goromonzi, Chinyika Village.

Members from the ZNNP+ HIV activist in Chinyika Ward 16 pose for a photo. (first photo)

Team of Health Practitioners who attended the event. Doctors, Nurses from Chinyika Clinic with our Rural District Ambassador Ms. Chinyani in brown suit. (4th photo)

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