Our Programs and Services

Tamisima Foundation, Inc. is a PUBLIC BENEFIT non-profit organization whose purpose are exclusively charitable, scientific, or educational purposes. Specifically, the principal aims of Tamisima Foundation, Inc. is to provide affordable Housing Services, Educational Services, Basic Medical Care & Social Services, Food and Clothing Services, Re-Entry Programs, Elderly Services, Disaster/Emergency Relief Services and Storage/Warehousing to homeless and underprivileged families and individuals in the United States and Zimbabwe. It is our mission to safeguard and secure humanity by improving the quality of life for communities and carrying out interventions that are directed at reducing vulnerability and promoting social wellbeing through various empowerment programs.
Housing Services
We provide Shelter(s), Housing Capability, Safe Havens, Senior Housing & Nursing Homes and Low-Medium Housing.
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Educational Services
Tamisima Foundation, Inc. provides nursery, after school programs, youth development programs, career advancement programs and disability programs to individuals in utmost need.
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Basic Medical Care & Social Services
We provide comprehensive health services to help the homeless and the low-income families and individuals manage their health.
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Food and Clothing Services
Tamisima Foundation, Inc. provides food to families and individuals with poor access to healthy food and in need twice every week through our food pantry.
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Re-Entry Programs
Our organization offer programs that will help with smooth transitioning and reduce recidivism into the community and professional settings to incarcerated and released individuals.
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Elderly Services
Our elderly services promotes a sense of community and improves the quality of life of older adults.
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Disaster/Emergency Relief Services
Tamisima Foundation, Inc. sends ambassadors to vulnerable communities and they will be involved in food and clothing distribution, shelter, medical services, counseling and other activities to provide relief and save lives.
We provide storage for people to put their belongings during the course of their stay in the shelter. The purpose of the storage is to lessen the burden during the period of financial constrain. This service is also available to people in the community facing eviction or in need.