Programs in Zimbabwe

We provide these programs and services:

Education Programs

Developmental Programs

Senior Citizen Programs

People Living With Disabilities Services

Outreach and Relief Services

Food and Clothing Services

Basic Medical and Social Services

Re-entry Programs

Educational Programs (Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Activities)

Every child has the right to an education, as a foundation we want to ensure that every child reaches their full potential by making sure children get a good quality education. Due to lack of financial resources most of the children in rural areas ofZimbabwe have never been in school or they dropped out before completion. We want to make sure that every child gets a chance to excel and a chance at success by supporting each child’s social, emotional and physical wellbeing. In aspiring to transform the lives of children living in hunger and poverty and limited access to education, we help Zimbabwean vulnerable rural primary, secondary and post-secondary kids pursue their education. Under the educational programs we have; Eat and Learn, Uniforms, School Fees & Supplies, After school, Girl child programs and Career Advancement.

“Eat and Learn” Program
In boosting school attendance, enrollment and class performance, our organization focuses on feeding the body that feeds the mind through our “Eat and Learn” program. We provide free daily breakfast and lunch to all the children to make learning possible.

We provide school uniforms and sportswear to all the children so as to create a sense of belonging, make it easier for children to concentrate in class and to promote sports attendance.

School Supplies
We distribute school supplies to all the children so as to make them successful in class and to prevent lack of school supplies. We provide back packs filled with school supplies for every child.

Afterschool Program
In rural areas many children do not have access to different activities. We offer afterschool programs to support children through sports; athletics, arts and homework help to prepare older students for high school and also to heighten social skills.

School fees
The cost of education in Zimbabwe rural areas is minimal, one of our main aims is to support children who enroll, stay, pass, and complete school. We provide educational support and see children through primary, secondary and post-secondary education.

“Girl Child Program”
We provide menstrual hygiene classes so as to make girls feel more comfortable and stay in school while menstruating. We want girls to lead empowered, healthy lives. We provide sanitary pads for all the girls every month for girls to manage menstruation.

Career Advancement Program
The Career Advancement program gives individuals a chance to meaningful careers and career goals. In this area we have Job Placement, ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level prep program for individuals that do not have their high school certificates. Everyone in this program will have access to Financial Fitness Classes, Counseling Programs, Budget Classes, Sexual Harassment Classes, Life Skills Classes, Parenting, Job Performance Improvement Classes, Conducting Researches, Continuing Education, Participation In Professional Organizations and Mentorship Programs. These programs intend to help individuals establish stability and help them have employment opportunities.

Due to economic crisis in Zimbabwe, this program creates opportunities for people to have a productive life that will contribute to sustainable development and will enable people to achieve socio economic growth. Our main goal is to promote empowerment and manual dexterity for creation of decent jobs and fighting poverty in rural communities by providing comprehensive, developmental projects for men and women ages 18-35.

Our foundation works tirelessly to bring positive change and improve living conditions of families and individuals. Because Agriculture is a driver for economic transformation in Africa, we as an organization we help people break the cycle of poverty, generate wellbeing and self-sufficiency by working with individuals in livestock, poultry and crop farming.

Livestock, Poultry and Crop Farming
We cannot talk about eradicating hunger and poverty without talking about Agriculture. In fulfilling our organizational mission we undertake farming projects for the creation of jobs, infrastructural development and for people to eat healthy.

On animal agriculture, our organization focuses on rearing cattle, sheep, goats and pigs for the benefit of milk, meat and manure for crop farming.

In this program we breed birds, like chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese mainly for the benefit of meat and eggs.

Crop Farming
In sustaining our programs and projects we engage in growing crops for domestic and commercial purposes. As an organization we endeavor to work on small to large scale farming in production of maize, sunflowers, potatoes, tomatoes, onions round nuts, groundnuts, bananas, yams, potatoes, beans, vegetables, sugarcane etc.

Our senior citizen program is designed to promote a sense of community and to improve the quality of life of older adults. This program serves men and women 56 and older. To ensure that our senior citizens have access to quality palliative care, we offer medical screening, social and physical in group activities (adult daycare) and old people’s/nursing home so as to reduce isolation and to enhance their lives.

Medical Screening
As a foundation we focus on primary preventative care for individuals to live longer and lead a healthy lifestyle. We do so by providing free periodic medical screening for our senior citizens for Vital signs, Blood Sugar, Cancer, Urine test, Eye test, Dental, Cholesterol, Heart diseases, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and Alzheimer’s.

Social and Physical in group activities (Adult Day Care)
Social Activities includes recreational activities such as going out, watching TV, listening to music, debates, discussions and playing games. Physical Activities includes dancing, aerobics, simple movements like sitting, changing positions and the use of hands. Sensory skills and cognitive are also part of the activities to help develop memory, language, attention, reasoning, planning and to maintain their senses of vision, smell, hearing, taste and touch.

Old People/ Nursing Home
For our senior citizens to get substantial care, we offer nursing home services to the elderly who do not have access to quality home care.We help them with the activities of the daily living, which includes bathing, dressing, eating, drinking and other medical errands as these tasks become more difficult with old age.

Our foundation focuses on improving the quality of life, empowering, encouraging personal growth and independence of individuals living with disabilities. We help individuals get adequate care they need for them to reach their full potential by offering excellent services and opportunities for involvement in community Recreational, Sports and Educational Programs. We strive to create an all- inclusive community whereby people with disabilities are accepted and respected.

Recreational and Sporting Activities
Since exercise is essential for mental, social and healthy living, as an organization we found it important to involve people living with disabilities in recreational and sporting activities like soccer, netball, athletics, softball, basketball, music and arts.

Vocational and Educational Program
In promoting manual dexterity and self-sufficiency, we create employment goals for people living with disabilities to become employed and to perfect their personal skills so that they will be of importance in the workplace and community. These programs include Continuing Education, Knitting, Crocheting, Crafting, Farming, Pottery and Carpentry.

OutreachResearchAnd Outreach Action Program
We create a relationship with the community so as to get to know their needs and necessities. The outreach program works in conjunction with all program coordinators to come up with solutions and ideas on how to improve the lives of people in the community.

Disaster Relief Program (man-made or natural)
When a destructive emergency strikes it usually takes a toll on people. Tamisima Foundation provides relief to vulnerable communities. We distribute emergency relief items to individuals and families so as to save lives. We provide emergency assistance of food, shelter, medical services and clothing.

Disease Outbreak Relief.
Our main goal during disease outbreak emergencies is to save lives and provide medical services and resources efficiently and effectively to vulnerable communities. Tamisima Foundation, Inc. Outreach Action team is always ready with medical supplies, medicines, food, shelter, water etc.

Drought Relief and Recovery Program.
We provide agricultural inputs that are essential for the planting season, water supply by drilling boreholes in communities, dam construction,food aid, irrigation infrastructure and technical assistance to local farmers. The goal of the program is to reduce vulnerability, foster drought resilient societies, to reduce dependency syndrome and enhance productive capacity in the community.

Tamisima Foundation, Inc. provides food to families and individuals with poor access to healthy food and in need through our food pantry. We want to make sure that there is consistent access to a variety and quantities of healthy food for the nourishment of body and mind of people in low-income communities. In our mission to eradicate hunger we also enhance kids health and wellness by providing kid friendly foods. We deliver raw food to people with special needs..

As an organization our major goal is to provide for free to everyone (young and old) medicine, medical and health related services before or upon sickness. We are going to achieve this by focusing on primary preventative care in schools, homes, work places, hospitals and social places like growth points and gatherings. This is a priority in all program areas of our organization.To best accomplish health issues we will be working with private and state organizations to reach and educate the community.

We provide comprehensive health services to help the low-income families and individuals manage their health. Wehelp people gain access to quality affordable medical care and we offer ongoing preventative care, pediatric and adult primary care, pharmaceutical services, mental health and HIV and STD screening services. We also offer individual/group counseling programs for addiction and recovery programs, anger management, DWI/DUI (driving while intoxicated, driving under influence), and abusive relationship treatment programs for our clients to establish healthy boundaries. The basic medical care program is intended to break barriers to health and health care by creating awareness to people without/with less knowledge because the value and cost of ignorance is higher than knowledge. We provide these services for the benefit of low-income communities and creation of continuum of care that enables individuals to get high level of care and improve their health.

Sanitary Pads for women Program
We offer sanitary pads, to women in the rural and urban areas who are unable to access and afford menstrual products. Our Foundation aims to provide women in the rural areas with reproductive, menstrual and hygiene education.

Pregnant Women Assistance Program.
Pregnant WomenAssistance Program is designed to protect lives of pregnant women by preventing maternal deaths and unplanned pregnancies.We empower pregnant women in need and help rebuild their lives by focusing on physical, emotional, economic and spiritual needs and by providing counseling services, healthcare(during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period )parental education, baby supplies, mentoring and food.

HIV and AIDS Relief Program
To reduce the alleviating burden of HIV and AIDS we provide prevention, treatment and care to the people at risk or affected byHIV/AIDS. We offer closely monitored HIV treatment to vulnerable people living with HIV. We utilize methods and interventions that are highly effective in protecting against and reducing the risk of HIV such as use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), male and female condoms, use of clean syringes, treatment of people living with HIV to reduce viral load and prevent onward transmission. We also offer nutritious food to people living with HIV for it is essential for antiretroviral medicine adherence and effectiveness.

TB and Malaria Relief Program
Our Foundation provides TB, and Malaria relief programs to create an efficient, long-term, and sustainable approach in combating these diseases. We offer essential commodities to prevent, diagnose and treatMalaria and TB including treatment, insecticide-treated net distribution, DOTS and follow up care to maintain progress made towards elimination.

Our organization offers programs that will help with smooth transitioning and reduce recidivism into the community and professional settings to incarcerated and released individuals. The programs include Individual/Group Counseling, Literacy Classes, Inmates Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program, Violence Prevention Program, Life and Work Skills, Parenting Classes, Wellness Education, Church Services, Mentoring and Adult Continuing Education.